Juridical services






MEKS Agency helps to support different aspects of companies' activities in the Russian Federation, including the following consultations and help:

In the sphere of establishment and initial organization of business;

During organization of business management including HR consulting and consultations on the use of modern IT systems in management;

During organization of public fundraising for business development;

During attraction of private investments to development projects;

On elaboration, bringing in line with the laws of the Russian Federation and optimization of business plans of foreign and Russian companies;

On preparation, analysis and legal support of contracts, agreements, etc.;

On reissuance of documents of title as regards personal property and real estate as well as rights and obligations of corporate entities and individuals;

On creation of real estate properties as well as on lease, purchase, selling and management of real estate, including land plots;

On customs and tax issues of different complexity;

On protection of intellectual and industrial property;

On solving the issues of obtaining licenses, permits, clarifications from government authorities, registration of rights and transactions;

When corporate entities participate in tenders for purchase of goods, work and services for government needs;

In the sphere of establishing cooperation that meets business interests with local, regional and federal government authorities;

In the sphere of cooperation of business with law enforcement agencies;

In the sphere of preparation and issuing regulatory and non-regulatory acts of regional, federal and local authorities, also when protecting business interests on all stages of regional and federal lawmaking;

On interpretation of the current laws of the Russian Federation;

On protection of the interests of insurance, leasing and telecommunication companies, as well as banks when recovering the debts of corporate entities and individuals;

On protection of business interests in courts of arbitration, courts of general jurisdiction, as well as during proceedings on administrative violations and inspections performed by government authorities;

In the sphere of protection of business interests in international courts.

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