Juridical services






Consulting and help on customs and tax issues of different complexity.

MEKS Agency's professionals have been providing these services since 1993. During the past years they gained vast experience of preparing legal solutions (that meet the interests of clients) to the most complicated and tricky problems which business faces when working with customs and tax authorities. In this connection the agency solves a wide range of tasks, from preparation of opinions on any issues arising during the day-to-day business of a client to representation of the client in customs, tax authorities and judicial authorities. Client assignments successfully performed by our professionals include:
- help during recovering of the funds from customs and tax authorities that the client is entitled to under the laws, including refund of export VAT and deposits on customs changes;
- representation of the client during proceedings in the cases on violation of customs and tax laws;
- help in obtaining resolutions and clarifications from customs and tax authorities;
- help in development and modernization of the logistic models used in current business of the client to reduce unjustified expenses;
- help in selection of auditors, brokers and other specialized organizations as well as supervision over performance of their obligations to the client;
- help in organization of customs clearance of imported and exported goods, including customs clearance using rarely used customs treatment.

The above list is not exhaustive and each client can contact the agency on any issue arising when the client plans to cooperate or during its cooperation with tax and customs authorities.

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