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As a collection agency for work with troubled portfolio of banks and financial, insurance, leasing and telecommunication companies

In 2005 MEKS Agency responding to market demands started to provide the services of a collection agency working with troubled portfolios to banks and financial, insurance, leasing and telecommunication companies. In the context of growing consumer demand, including the demand for services of telecommunication companies, growth of the volume of consumer crediting, growth of the insurance market, general implementation of leasing, substantial increase of credit institution activity, insurance, leasing and telecommunication companies as well as credit institutions experience more and more difficulties when working with debtors. The agency's professionals developed a number of unique patterns that allow to work with hundreds and even thousands of debtors, either individuals or corporate entities, with increased efficiency. The patterns developed by the agency take into account all the opportunities provided by Russian criminal and civil laws, international experience and psychological peculiarities of debtors. When there are many debtors, due to proper organization of work of the agency's professionals using up-to-date IT solutions, the agency is able to achieve an increased recoverability even from "troubled" debtors on all stages: out-of-court, in court and during enforcement proceedings.

Instructing the agency to work with the persons to whom a client has reasonable claims helps to substantially free own labor forces and provide for increased economic efficiency due to increased recoverability. Moreover, the agency's work results allow the clients to decrease the number of debtors in future and, therefore, decrease unreasonable financial losses.

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