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Consulting and help during organization of business management including HR consulting and consultations on the use of modern IT systems in management

Under this activity MEKS Agency's professionals help to increase a client's business efficiency in the Russian Federation.

It is common knowledge that one of the important parts of success of mid-sized and large companies with the staff of more than fifty persons is proper organization of management both of the company in general and of each of its employees.

Competent HR consulting that includes development of all range of local acts regulating activity of individual employees, departments and the company in general, helps to solve this task and frees substantial material and personnel resources.

When consulting on the issues of personnel management, the agency's professionals pay particular attention to minimizing the prerequisites for labor disputes which helps to decrease the client's financial losses and consolidate its reputation among its employees and partners.

In some cases the agency's professional help the client to take decisions on engaging foreign workforce and represent the client in migration authorities to properly register foreign employees.

To increase efficiency of the client's business management the agency helps to select individual IT solutions that allow to automate every workstation and efficiently control the business on a real-time basis.

As current Russian market provides immense amount of standardized solutions, the most important thing is to "tune" such systems, i.e. to improve and use their potential with maximum efficiency. At the same time such "tuning" is impossible without professionals in corporate consulting. In such cases the agency helps the client in competent selection of IT companies which can solve technical problems. The agency develops terms of reference with the client to set up and implement software products. During the work of the IT company on the project, the agency can ensure high-quality supervision over its activity in the client's interests until getting the final result.

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