Juridical services






Consulting and help on protection of business interests in courts of arbitration, courts of general jurisdiction, as well as during proceedings on administrative violations and inspections performed by government authorities.

Under this activity MEKS Agency's professionals provide efficient representation of their clients in courts of arbitration and courts of general jurisdiction on all stages of judicial proceedings, and also represent the client on the cases on administrative violations and during any inspections performed by government authorities.

In this connection particular attention is paid to preparation of right legal views and obtaining an evidentiary base necessary for its proper substantiation as well as the right reaction to the actions of administrative authorities as regards the client. At that, in some cases the agency prepares for the client a special opinion as regards some issue.

Within judicial and administrative procedures, the agency's professionals participate on the client's instructions in direct contacts with judicial and administrative authorities, ensure preparation of service documents (claims, suits, petitions, motions, etc.), defend the legal views approved by the client until getting the legal result.

From the beginning representation of clients in government authorities, including judicial and administrative authorities, has been one of the major consulting activities performed by the agency.

The competence of the agency's professionals on these issues, vast experience, lateral thinking and deep knowledge of legal framework of the activity of judicial and administrative authorities gained the agency respect of many clients and colleagues. This all helps the agency to gain a legal result for the client with the least time and financial costs.

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