Juridical services






Consulting and help in the sphere of preparation and issuing regulatory and non-regulatory acts of regional, federal and local authorities, also when protecting business interests on all stages of regional and federal lawmaking.

Under this activity, which is essentially a part of consulting in the sphere of cooperation of business and government, MEKS Agency's professionals help in development and promotion of draft bills, decrees, instructions and other legal acts of regional, federal government authorities and local authorities.

The agency always cooperates with councils of experts of several committees of the State Duma, always keeps up with the activity of the commission on lawmaking activity of the Government of the Russian Federation, participates in preparation of drafts of local, regional and federal regulatory and non-regulatory legal acts in different branches of law. In this connection we can point out that of special interest to the agency's professionals are customs, tax, land and city planning issues, as well as the issues on preparation of technical regulations that in the near future will affect almost any company of Russia.

This activity enables the agency's professionals to continuously improve their skills and legal techniques which is the recipe for providing high-quality help to the client in preparation of drafts of legal acts that meet the interests of business and state. Moreover, the agency helps in promotion, agreement and adoption of prepared drafts of legal acts by respective authorities, which allows the client to obtain a legal result with the least time and financial costs.

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